Supercoacher is currently in beta testing stage. It is a simple that will allow you to create, track, share and export your supercoach teams.

For the moment it has been kept very simple to ensure that you get to use the service straight away prior to the start of the AFL Season.

Over the next few weeks there will be numerous updates to allow you to manage player lists based on your preferences as well planning your trades throughout the season.

If you spend a lot of time interacting with different supercoach forums then you know that posting your team(s), tracking changes and making updates can be tedious at times. Supercoacher's aim is to simplify this process by allowing you create teams and save them for public view with public URL and export them to forums with simple text.

A lot of testing and changes will occur over the next few weeks to improve the stability of the service and provide more functionality. If you discover a bug please let us know.